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THE CALL OF THE WILD [9 out of 10]

The short, controversial life of 'spiritual voyager' Christopher McCandless (1968-92) - focus of Jon Krakauer's 1996 book Into the Wild, recently filmed by Sean Penn's as a $15m narrative feature - is the subject of this top-notch documentary. Even audiences totally unfamiliar with McCandless's tragic, much-chronicled story will likely find themselves utterly absorbed by director/narrator/editor/cinematographer Lamothe's journey into his subject: a journey which is simultaneously geographical (he retraces McCandless's hobo-ish wanderings around the USA), philosophical (topically examining the nature of freedom in today's America) and bravely self-analytical - at several stages he measures himself against the ideals, achievements and inadequacies of his near-contemporary.

DV-camera-toting one-man-band Lamothe's proudly wayward path even crosses that of Penn and his elaborate production on several occasions - inadvertent intersections which amusingly cast Hollywood's notions of creative 'independence' in a savagely unflattering light. Frequently hilarious, consistently intelligent and, in the end, deeply moving, The Call of the Wild heralds the exciting arrival of a fresh and bold new voice in American non-fiction film.

--Neil Young